Q1 | Why should I outsource my billing?

Outsourcing your billing to a professional medical billing company will allow you to focus on quality patient care. Standard "fee for service" revenues from health insurance are reducing, with more out of pocket expenses to collect from patient. However there is potential for revenue from quality measure outcomes from various payers as long as the practice has the time and resources! Outsourcing will free up your billing staff and increase your revenue. Outsourcing also helps to eliminate non productive office hours and reduce employee expenses. By allowing a professional medical billing company to provide your billing services, you can increase your percentage of paid claims, reduce days in A/R, receive maximum reimbursement and reduce write-offs.

Q2 | Can I choose to use some of your services but not all of them?

Fairway customizes competitive service packages to meet the needs of our customers. You may only need temporary help establishing a proven effective method for your own billing team, or assistance with a particular insurance carrier or denial type.

Q3 | Does Fairway handle Urgent Care and/or Ambulatory Surgical Center billing?

Yes.  Fairway has extensive experience dealing with the unique billing needs of Urgent care centers and Ambulatory surgical centers.  Including handling case rates, carve outs and add-ons.

Q4 | How quickly will I see results?

Fairway clients typically see increased revenues within two weeks of initial start date as many insurances pay clean claims electronically within 10-14 days. A detailed review of the successes is done after three months however clients can see a status of their accounts receivables and details at any time.

Q5 | As a client, what reports would I receive and how often?

Fairway provides all clients with a monthly report packet which includes multiple month-to-date/year-to-date information.  Reports are tailored to your needs.

Q6 | Information kept confidential, private and secure?

Absolutely. Fairway ensures all data is secure above and beyond HIPAA requirements.

Q7 | How do we get started and how long does it take to transition over?

Call us today for a free phone consultation. Fairway Revenue Management Services is the solution to your immediate and long-term medical billing needs.  We will dedicate a client representative to you to work out the best transition for you.  We can handle emergency and rush situations.

Q8 | What practice management Software do I need to use?

You can keep your current system.  The majority of Fairway clients use Provision, because Provision is the best practice management system for your purposes and ours.  We can offer special pricing if you decide Provision is the best answer to your needs